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Summit Connect™

The connected fleet is essential to support WH&S and asset accountability that most organisations are now responsible for. Whilst GPS technology is not new, delivering a robust, scalable and reliable telematics solution is now available with a quantifiable return on investment. Summit Fleet delivers a suite of telematics products providing your business with a range of services to help manage the efficiency of your fleet.




Summit Fleet’s eLogbook uses a simplified and more accurate method of recording trips for FBT purpose which reduces administration time for collecting and reporting vehicle business use for FBT purposes.

In conjunction with the Summit Connect™ web configuration, each trip is automatically logged. Push notifications can be set to be sent to the driver at the completion of each trip to prompt them to assign their trip.

Alternately, the drivers can directly access Summit Connect™ using their secured login to view their trip data and update as required.


Summit Connect™




Summit Connect™ is the central web service that all services are linked to and managed from.

This portal is accessed via a secured login that provides detailed reporting of all users, vehicles and devices linked to a specific account based on access levels.

Summit Connect™ provides immediate access to a range of features to display real time data collected from the RoadScout® devices to improve asset efficiency and driver safety.

Reporting provides an accurate and complete activity history for every vehicle in your fleet and is deliverable on most browser equipped platforms.



RoadScout® is a hardware device that connects via the vehicle’s on board diagnostic plug (OBDII) which records vehicle activity such as trip data, harsh braking and acceleration, unplug alert and other advanced information depending on the implemented service.

The device features a ‘Plug n Go’ format which can be installed by anyone to provide live vehicle/driver feedback. An installation service can also be arranged where required.

RoadScout® has been designed to ensure that you only pay for the device functionality you need. Additional function and features can be invoked at any time, bringing the base device up to full IVMS functionality if and when required.


IVMS (In Vehicle Management System)

IVMS provides advanced Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) to businesses requiring a mobile workforce and asset accountability, allowing a vehicle/fleet manager access to review vehicle operation and location through Summit Connect™.

Standard IVMS provides a means to manage vehicle location (past and present) as well as reviewing time on site and time travelled as well as services that provide alerts and reporting on driving events such as over max speed, hard/harsh braking and cornering.

This information can be observed on a Fleet Dashboard via Summit Connect™ which displays up to the minute data including Highest Speed & RPM, Fuel Economy, Carbon Emission and Fleet Idle Percentage.