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A Cost Saving Fleet Leasing and Management Company

Vehicles are a vital component in the running of any successful organisation. A fit-for-purpose fleet solution offers flexibility in helping you on the road, servicing the community efficiently and reliably; however, with increased functional responsibility, fleet needs also grow. The management of this change is often overlooked, as it is a full-scale fleet operation from cradle to grave.

This incorporates sourcing, delivery, insurance costs, fuel cards, toll management, roadside assistance, re-registration, infringement management, service, maintenance, repairs, accident management, tyre replacements, data management and driver support. You now have multiple functions doing operational fleet management and you haven’t yet aggregated your supplier data to calculate your whole-of-life cost.

Summit Fleet Leasing and Management wants to turn the tables and help you make strategic fleet decisions without all the operational tasks that accompany them. Summit Fleet wants to understand and align with your organisation’s needs and valued local suppliers, to effectively partner with and then develop your fit-for-purpose fleet strategy.

Summit Fleet Leasing and Management has a reputation for being an experienced industry professional, striving to engage in long-term strategic partnerships, ensuring the solution reached is the most beneficial for your needs. This is the way Summit Fleet does business.

Summit Fleet Leasing and Management can support you with some or all components of fleet management and leasing, structured to meet your operational, workplace and financial objectives. Summit Fleet also provides salary-packaging services and novated leases with unrivaled driver support – the cornerstone to a great employee benefits program. In all instances, Summit  Fleet consolidates all transactions into one monthly invoice with a detailed statement.

Case study: “Sale Leaseback”

A client owns a fleet of 30 cars, with a value of $800,000. An upcoming need to invest in a new community project has seen a reprioritisation of capital expenditure. After meeting and assessing the options to minimise the cost of change, but retain access to the vehicles, it was determined that the liquidation of depreciating assets would be a prudent step to reduce asset risk and, most importantly, free up cash.

Summit Fleet actively reviewed this council’s fleet policy, structure and asset values, and aligned the objectives of the client with a sale and leaseback transaction using a fully maintained operating lease. Purchasing the vehicles at an agreed amount allowed the client to focus their investment
back into the community while Summit Fleet overtook the financials and reporting of the entire fleet.

After all, Summit Fleet is a cost-saving company, and as a preferred Procurement Australia partner, is ready to work with you. The expectations of your operation are too valuable not to have cost-control measures on your fleet.