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Labelling requirements for Electric, Hybrid and Hydrogen vehicles

Electric vehicle warning label reminder

Owners of electric, hybrid or hydrogen powered vehicles are reminded to have safety labels on their vehicle’s number plates to alert and protect emergency workers in the event of a crash or accident.

Under these regulations, electric powered and hydrogen vehicles manufactured or modified after 1 January 2019 are legally required to have an ‘EV’ (electric vehicle) or ‘H’ (hydrogen) warning sticker. The regulation has been adopted only in NSW and Victoria, with the other states and territories yet to be implemented.

In the event of an accident or crash, the safety labels will act as an important flag for emergency services workers and first responders to identify the requirements needed to deal with the risk associated with an EV’s lithium-ion battery and the fuel system of hydrogen vehicles.
Anyone buying a new electric, hybrid or hydrogen powered car should check that the car dealership has attached a safety label to both number plates. However, as the requirements for each state varies, please note below:


New South Wales

The NSW requirement to display an EV warning label applies to all electric, hybrid or hydrogen vehicles and drivers have been sent the small label to fix on the front and rear of their number plates. Customers are then advised to ensure the enclosed self-adhesive labels are securely fixed to your vehicle’s front and rear number plates.

In the event that Summit Fleet are recognized as the registered operators, our team members will forward out the EV labels with a letter in the mail. It is important that the labels are fixed as per instructions provided. Should you require a label or have not yet received one you can either visit your local Service NSW office or contact Summit Fleet on (02) 9638 7833 or email us at
For more information, visit


In Victoria, all electric, hybrid and hydrogen safety related labels should be fitted to any new vehicles by the delivering vehicle dealer. If your vehicle has been identified as an electric or hybrid vehicle, please check to ensure your vehicle is displaying these labels as it’s a registration requirement.

In the event that your vehicle has been delivered without the labels fixed or if the dealer has failed to follow the Victorian guidelines, labels are available from A fee applies for the hybrid label.
Penalties can include on-the-spot fines, formal warnings or a defect notice may be issued.


Should you require further information in relation to these labels, please contact your local road and traffic authority centres.