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In concert with the Life Education NSW conference last week, 11 new Hyundai’s took to the road adorned with the smiling face of the giraffe referred to as Healthy Harold, an iconic figure aligned to youth education since the late seventies and known by many from their school days.

“Life Education has 60 educators and 44 mobile learning centres throughout NSW.” Said the CEO of Life Education NSW Kellie Sloane. Kellie also went on to state that they are “….proud that we reach every child in NSW who needs us, no matter how remote.”

The vehicles will be used to enable the regional educators to operate more efficiently and were supported through the national sponsorship that is provided from Hyundai Motor Company Australia.

Summit Fleet Leasing and Management helped co-ordinate the supply of the vehicles and General Manager David Clinch said that “We are pleased to play a part in getting these cars into the hands of the team at Life Education, now we will continue our role in keeping the team mobile and efficient so they can focus on their work.”

Life Education is the largest non-Government provider of health and drug education to Australian school children.

Did you know that a group of giraffes is called a tower?