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Summit Fleet Leasing and Management receives positive results from most recent Net Promoter Score® Survey


NPS® response from Summit Fleet clients reaches a new benchmark!

Summit Fleet Leasing and Management has just completed our latest annual Customer Survey and are pleased to announce the company’s Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) is 52. The Net Promoter Score® survey, a measure of customer experience and satisfaction, has been consistently run as a dedicated initiative to all Summit Fleet clients since 2012. The intention of the survey is to gather overall feedback about our customer’s experiences and have them answer one very important question, “On a scale from most likely (10) to most unlikely (1), would you recommend Summit Fleet as a fleet leasing and management provider to your friends and family?”

Net Promoter Score® is a proven and powerful metric used globally to measure a customer’s satisfaction and loyalty to a brand, product or service, with the index ranging from -100 to 100, a score over 0 is considered as “good”. NPS® Industry benchmarking provides reference points to compare the survey outcome, Summit Fleet’s achievement of a Net Promoter Score® of 52 is considered to be “excellent”.

Not only is the NPS® component of the survey validation of a hard won reputation, questions focused on specific experiences provide the opportunity for clients to offer recommendations on ways to improve across all areas of the business. This allows better understanding of how to focus on developing a holistic approach to business delivery to serve clients and meet their needs whilst growing an organisation in a dynamic industry.

Summit Fleet’s General Manager – David Clinch commented “Our NPS® scores have always been high, with our most recent result standing as testament to our commitment of continuing to deliver consistent, high quality experiences, whilst seeking to build long lasting customer relationships. I am very pleased with the outcome and we truly value the constructive feedback that has been provided, as this allows Summit Fleet to have a foundation that continues to uphold our commitment to provide excellent customer service now and into the future.  We look forward to maintaining and exceeding our customers’ expectations whilst we focus on aligning our platforms with the evolution of the many mobility possibilities.”