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Supporting the Mater Foundation for Prostate Cancer Research

Well we’re almost there!

Next week the trek for cancer research commences with Summit Fleet’s very own Rimonda heading on this adventure. The trip consists of a four day hike from Cusco to Machu Picchu, clocking as much as 16kms a day at heights of over 4000m above sea level.

The total group target was for $200,000 which has now been surpassed and is almost in record territory thanks to the generosity of many people and organisations.

This event has now collectively raised almost $1M in the last 4 years.

Through our association with the Mater Foundation and with Rimonda participating in the trek we are trying to raise $10,000 as a contribution to the goal, pleasingly we are almost 75% towards achieving that target!

If you have donated already thank you for your support.

With just a few weeks to go we wanted to remind our friends and supporters one last time. Donations can be accepted via up until 27th April!

The last ebay item is also now up, a signed bumper bar from Jason Bright’s V8 Supercar thanks to the team from Brad Jones Racing!

All proceeds are added directly to the fundraising target.

Keep an eye out for updates once the trek gets underway at and wish Rimonda all the best as she tackles all those stairs!