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Customer Empowerment

Guiding Our Customers to Environmentally Conscious and Financially Beneficial Decisions

We are confident in our ability to make a positive environmental impact, not solely by minimizing our company’s footprint but also by influencing and encouraging environmentally conscious practices among our diverse stakeholders. Beyond promoting eco-friendly practices within our workplace, our goal is to equip our team members with knowledge on fostering sustainability in all aspects of life. This commitment extends to guiding our customers as we collaborate to advance their organizational sustainability objectives, sharing a mutual objective of shaping a more sustainable future.

Explore Electric Vehicle Transition with Our New Tool!

We are excited to introduce the Electric Vehicle (EV) Transition Total Cost of Ownership Comparator, a revolutionary tool developed by the Summit Fleet Sustainability Council in collaboration with Evenergi. This online tool, accessible from our website, provides valuable insights into the potential financial benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs).

Understanding the EV Transition Total Cost of Ownership:

The EV Transition Total Cost of Ownership Comparator, developed by Evenergi, considers various factors, including:

  • Fuel Prices
  • Electricity Rates
  • Vehicle Efficiency
  • Maintenance Costs

This comprehensive analysis aims to offer a personalised cost comparison, assisting users in estimating the total cost of owning electric vehicles compared to conventional internal combustion engine vehicles.

About Evenergi

Evenergi is a consulting firm specialising in energy and electric vehicles. With a primary focus on assisting businesses and individuals in making informed decisions during the transition to electric vehicle fleets, Evenergi provides a range of tools and resources.

Why Use the EV Transition Total Cost of Ownership Comparator?

The implementation of the EV Transition Total Cost of Ownership Comparator aligns with Summit Fleet’s commitment to sustainability. We believe in empowering our customers with the necessary tools to make environmentally conscious and financially beneficial choices.

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