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What is a Novated Lease?

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Want to know more about a Novated Lease?

Novated Leasing is an ATO approved facility to enable you as an employee to use pre-tax dollars to pay for your vehicle and its expenses. Novated Leasing allows you to bundle together finance payments, fuel, servicing, tyres, registration and insurance into a single convenient and regular payment.

That’s why thousands of employees across Australia are taking advantage of a Novated Lease and salary packaging their vehicles and running costs.

The Novated Lease facility is an arrangement between you, Summit Fleet and your employer to allow deductions from your salary. One of the great things about this service, is that there is NO cost to your employer to provide a Novated Lease program.

Novated Leasing provides you with pre-tax/GST savings and discounts on vehicle purchases, servicing and running costs. This is done all in the convenience of one single monthly payment through your employer. The payments for a novated lease can be made through your employer in the form of a single, convenient regular payment deducted from your salary.

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How does Novated Leasing a car work?

Without Novated Leasing, goods and services are purchased after income tax is taken from the employee’s gross salary.

With Novated Leasing, purchased goods and services are taken from the employees gross salary before tax. Tax is applied to the employees reduced income amount, thus increasing net pay.

For An Employee

For an Employer

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Electric Vehicles

Supporting our Novated Leasing customers to reduce their environmental impact is a priority for us. By choosing a more sustainable vehicle, you can do your part. We’re encouraged to see an increasing number of Summit Fleet customers opting for eco-friendly cars. If you’re interested in an electric or Plug in Hybrid vehicle, we can assist you and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

For more information on how a Novated Lease on an Electric Vehicle or Petrol Hybrid EV can provide FBT savings and benefits…


Novated App

Gain information at your fingertips with our Novated App! Our Novated app gives you access to information on your Novated Lease 24/7. View budgets against actual expenditure, locate fuel sites, claim reimbursements, source vehicle information and more…

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Why choose a Summit Fleet Novated Lease?

Vehicle Choice and Flexibility
Access Tax Savings through Pre-Tax Salary Payments
No Brokerage or Hidden Fees
Simple and Easy to Understand
Fast Approvals

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