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Electric Vehicle Novated Lease

There has never been a better time to obtain an Electric Vehicle on a Novated Lease than NOW!

The recent Electric Vehicle (EV) discount legislation makes an EV one of the most cost-effective choices for a Novated Lease. The savings available to you with our EV Novated Lease are simply amazing. As an employee, you have the opportunity to access corporate discounts and taxation savings while helping the environment. All vehicle purchase costs and expenditure for your EV Novated Lease will be salary packaged through your employer.

The recent legislation change means EV’s are far more affordable now. With a Summit Fleet EV Novated Lease you will receive a full breakdown of vehicle costs, inclusions and tax savings.

Contact us today to take advantage of this fantastic EV Novated Lease program – savings, peace of mind, convenience and taxation benefits all rolled into one easy package.

Taxation Savings

Save on GST

Includes charging costs

More money in your pocket using pre-tax salary

How Does It Work?

Simply let us know the Electric Vehicle (EV) that you are considering, your preferred lease term and your estimated annual kilometres.

Your Novated Lease consultant will prepare a detailed Novated Lease salary calculation which will include vehicle finance, charging, tyres, maintenance, insurance and registration expenses. Once you have evaluated the savings and benefits, we can complete your application and arrange for your vehicle order to be placed.

You can choose a vehicle to suit your lifestyle and have the convenience of having all the expenditure bundled into one easy manageable fixed regular payment.

All your vehicle financing and running costs will be paid from your pre-tax salary, with no FBT. You will also save on GST on the vehicle purchase price, and running costs for the life of the lease. That’s why employees who value saving money just can’t wait to get into one of our EV Novated Leases.

Check out our Electric Vehicle Deal:

T&C’s: This information is general in nature and doesn’t constitute any financial or taxation advice, we do not consider any specific individual financial circumstances or situations. Savings and pricing details are current (*GST saving as per ATO guidelines 01/07/22) and may also be subject to change. *Indicative weekly cost is based on vehicle pricing achieved by Summit Fleet in the last 75 days, and actual pricing may differ at the time of quoting. The quotation is based on a 60-month term, 20,000 kms p/a, NSW registration and annual salary of $80,000. The weekly cost has been determined using the employee contribution method for a fully maintained Novated Lease including finance and all running costs over the lease period. Weekly costs are calculated comparing the net cost using a Novated Lease through a salary package. Vehicles may need to be ordered through the Summit Fleet dealer network. A residual value figure is due for payment at the end of the term of the lease including GST. The Novated Lease offers are indicative only, availability on models and selected vehicles may change, changes to delivery times, and manufacturer price increase may occur. Your individual circumstances have not been considered and will impact the benefits of a Novated Lease. Summit Fleet does not offer financial or taxation advice on the suitability of this product for your individual circumstances. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice prior to proceeding. Credit criteria, fees and charges and Summit Fleet terms and conditions apply.

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