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Fuel Management Program – Summit Fleet Motorpass Card

The new Summit Fleet fuel card is an exciting partnership between Summit Fleet and WEX Motorpass, and has been created to help save time, money and administration, while providing access to the largest fuel network in Australia. The Summit Fleet fuel card is a small part of an all-encompassing fuel management program, enabling a wider scope of services and deliverables, aiding in identifying whole-of-life (WOL) costs.

There are a number of very important factors to be taken into consideration when assessing specific fuel management needs, including location and vehicle use requirements. Summit Fleet will collaborate and strategically assess all factors, presenting the package that best aligns with your business strategy.

Summit Fleet’s fuel card features include extensive coverage, as it is accepted at over 95 per cent of fuel sites nationally (more than 5400 fuel outlets). It includes high-security personal identification numbers and zero transaction fees. The easy-to-understand structure of the
program ensures adequate levels of control over purchases, with adjustable ceilings to maintain consistency across the fleet. The ability to use grocery shopping discount vouchers and earn flybys points at participating sites is an additional feature that was previously unavailable.

A single swipe is the simplest means of gathering important information for every vehicle, enabling fuel expenditure capture. The information recorded and applied to each individual vehicle comprises a complete solution incorporating an effective procurement process and
management database.

Data obtained from the fuel purchases are managed in Summit Fleet’s database. This information enables extensive fleet analysis through vehicle management reporting. These reports can identify all the details during the life of the car, including:

Summit Fleet’s fuel management program includes the options of multi-branded or single-branded fuel cards. A discount ‘off-pump price’ may also be applicable on selected cards for ULP, E10, LPG and diesel.