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Total Cost of Ownership Comparator

Welcome to the EV Transition Total Cost of Ownership Comparator – your ultimate tool for making informed decisions about electric vehicle adoption! Developed by Evenergi, a leading consulting firm specialising in energy and electric vehicles, this calculator empowers businesses and individuals with the knowledge they need to transition their vehicle fleets to sustainably friendly vehicles.

This tool is designed to help estimate the running costs of vehicles and compare traditional fuels and alternative powered systems.

By considering factors such as estimated fuel prices, electricity rates, vehicle efficiency, and maintenance costs, the comparator provides an analysis to identify where potential cost savings may occur when driving a more sustainable vehicle. It takes into account variables such as the vehicle model, driving distance, and charging patterns where applicable to provide a personalised cost comparison. This comparator aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of the potential financial benefits of switching to sustainably friendly vehicles.




Disclaimer: The Total Cost of Ownership Comparison Calculator is powered by Evenergi. This tool is provided for guidance only and does not constitute a quote or contractually oblige Summit Fleet. Summit Fleet gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. The output is provided on the understanding that the underlying data may rely on third party information and can be exposed to varying market conditions which in some circumstances may impact the actual outcome of the comparison position. As such Summit Fleet accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of direct or indirect application of any of the information identified on the tool.

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